Meet The Team

Each individual plays a great role in the development of our company. All their contributions are more worth than gold making them an invaluable asset to the company.

Muhammad Amir Manzoor

CEO / Founder

Muhammad Amir Manzoor CEO & Founder, AM Concepts, has worked more than twelve years in the software industry on different key positions. Started from the position of software developer, reached at the Director in a re-known software and educational institute. Developed a large number of solution during the time. As a project manager Amir prefers to understand business story laying behind the project, rather than just requirements. It’s not just that he has generic project management skills; he has a deep familiarity with multiple fields that gives him a natural authority and solid strategic insight. He embraces only as much conflict as is absolutely necessary, neither avoiding nor seeking grounds for control of a particular project segment. He identifies any critical issues that threaten projects and handle them resolutely (vs. ignoring them). Amir as a software architect is excellent at problem decomposition.

Mansoor Khan

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Muhammad Mansoor Khan is a confident, passionate and determined Managing Director. Being coolheaded and open minded are his prime traits. As a Managing Director he is industrious and his approach is realistic toward projects and deadlines. He is a team player and knows how better to lead a team to get the utmost performance. One of the most praised and probably the most difficult of virtues, of Mansoor is always patient.

  • Original
  • Strategist
  • Competitive Leader
  • Software Architecture
  • Project Management

Muhammad Wasim

Director Operations

Imran Jamal Pasha

Director Marketing

Raheel Anjum

Business Development Manager

Nayab Raheel

Project Director

M. Arslan Akhtar